Thursday, October 9, 2008

"John McCain's Dementia" ~ Kate ~ First Draft

Kate selected words provided by Dana. Thanks Dana!

John McCain’s Dementia

He experiences crimson catatonic
blips, tiny fiery confusions, sonic

gongs. The women at each elbow
know. Many, many others know.

Everyone’s holding their infamous breath,
dry in the mind, moist in the flesh.

No pharmacological brew can stop
the cameras, ominous, from capturing

my fellow prisoners substituted
for Americans. As if we haven’t prostituted

ourselves enough. As if any old blubber
can shove its belly into our heads and blabber.

As if any beauty contestant is to fawn
upon. Change one letter and womb is bomb.

Dana's Words:
blubber, catatonic, moist, pharmacology, womb


Anonymous said...

Why aren't you a political pundit?

KATE EVANS said...

Oops, maybe I'm proving Yeats right? So the question is, perhaps ... is this a poem or rhetoric?

Christopher Hennessy said...

Kate -- it's a poem! And one I really like. Yes, it's political, but there's surprise to it, and that ending is killer. Great work.

Dana said...

Oh yay!!! And you wrote about McCain having dementia, which I've been harping on.

I love your ending, womb into bomb. Brilliant.

Dana said...

Actually, those are my words but the link it to Fiona's site.

Cecilieaux said...

For the second draft, try "my womb is a bomb."

Anonymous said... WOMB IS BOMB (that'll be better than the rhythm method!)

gel said...

Quite an interesting poem, far beyond the political poison darts. Superb ending about change one letter and womb is bomb!