Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Revision! ~ "Autopsy" by Christopher


My slippery virgin heart is ripe,
ta-tumming in the circular gape
I carve. Up to elbow in tripe,

I grip my guts’ tentacles, bare-
handed, wrestle them from a mire
of the living, wavy hairs

that stick to my sides. In tears, I plumb
deeper, desperate to thumb
out the bleating organ (that damn

ta-tumming!), set it on a platter
surrounded by the seeds of cancer
a burlesque of eggs, boiled and bitter.

As the white of the worm
that eats through my sternum.
How empty the body’s become.

How hollowed by a flame.
I worship the flicker that lights the shame.
Hallowed be your name.

There is no heart in a pumpkin-
shaped boy who eats out his in-
sides only to suck on his sin.

Click here to read Christopher's first draft of "Autopsy"


KATE EVANS said...

Wow!! Great revision! The rhythm, the new depth of the metaphor. Powerful.

meg said...

Excellent imagery Chris! I just read your first draft and this last draft together and I can't believe how any improvements you made to this poem. final draft is much more polished and sophisticated. Loved it!

Christopher Hennessy said...

thanks meg and kate!